Personalized Nutrition Coaching

If you are considering making dietary changes and feel uncertain where and how to get started, let Life is Delicious give you the gentle push that you may need. Since all clients have different needs as well as expectations, our services are structured to meet a client’s realistic needs, within a realistic time frame along with a positive outcome. If weight loss is your goal, Life is Delicious has a 100% track record of helping clients to successfully achieve that goal providing they “don’t give up and quit”. Weight loss is one of our most popular requests. We don’t count calories nor demand that you exercise, even though physical activity is always a plus. We don’t give you a grocery list of “only organic” purchases to make at you local grocery store. There is only one requirement that we ask clients to honor, that is to lay all guilt and doubt aside and stay focused at all times.
We share evidence based-research from medical professionals, dietitians, and certified nutritionists to eliminate any confusion. Our personalized coaching services will help you to regain your focus and get your health back on TRACK!!
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